Short- and Long-Term Solutions for Your Project

Are you struggling to find skilled workers for your construction project in Texas? You’re not alone. The US construction industry is facing a recruitment crisis, making it challenging to find the right workers. However, with Cruitfly, a construction staffing agency in Texas, you can overcome these challenges and find the right workers quickly.

Cruitfly provides short- and long-term construction staffing solutions for contractors and subcontractors across Texas, including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Our team of experts specializes in temporary construction staffing, and we have a wide pool of proficient and versatile workers spanning the entire spectrum of industry requirements.

Efficient Hiring Process

Our tailored recruitment process ensures that we identify the most qualified candidates for your job. We understand the common pitfalls contractors face when trying to find the right person for the role, and we eliminate these frustrations by matching your precise needs with the right workers. We offer a whole host of skilled laborers, including industrial and mechanical insulation professionals, fireproofing experts, fiber optic technicians, and scaffolding crews, among others.

Cruitfly has a nationwide reach, enabling us to find the best-placed candidates for your job openings, no matter where your building project is located in Texas. If you’re looking for efficient and reliable construction staffing in Texas, look no further than Cruitfly. We have the expertise and proven recruitment strategies to help you find the right workers quickly.


In conclusion, construction staffing in Texas can be a challenge, but with Cruitfly’s short- and long-term staffing solutions, you can find the right workers quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to request an employee for your construction project in Texas.