The Solution To Construction Staffing

With the US construction industry facing a recruitment crisis, contractors in the building sector need to find staffing solutions quickly.

Cruitfly is an employment agency specializing in temporary construction staffing requirements to help contractors and subcontractors expedite the recruitment process.

Our construction staffing agency was established with the goal to help contractors identify and recruit construction workers at all levels. We have worked hard to build an extensive pool of proficient and versatile workers spanning the entire spectrum of industry requirements.

Contractors that choose to work with Cruitfly can expect to have access to a nationwide pool of qualified candidates looking for relevant job openings. With an instant network of workers to tap into nationwide, contractors can expect to fill job openings quickly.

Matching the Right Professionals with the Right Job

Cruitfly has developed a recruitment process that not only expedites the staffing process but also identifies candidates that are most qualified to meet the demands of the job.

The professionals at Cruitfly have years of experience working in the construction company. We recognize the common pitfalls contractors face when trying to find the right person to fulfill the needs of the role.

To eliminate the typical frustrations, the canvassing process is tailored to match your precise needs so that we filter out random candidates and identify the workers that are the best fit.

And with a whole host of skilled laborers including general construction, industrial and mechanical insulation professionals, fireproofing experts, fiber optic technicians, and scaffolding crews among others, we are confident of helping you find the right match quickly.

Nationwide Construction Staffing Specialists across America

No matter which city your building project is, Cruitfly has a nationwide reach that enables contractors and subcontractors to find the best-placed candidates for your job openings. So take advantage of our expertise and our proven recruitment strategies today. To request an employee for your building project click this link now.