The bipartisan infrastructure law promises to be exceptionally lucrative for construction companies. But only for contractor firms that get their staffing strategy right.

A statement released by the White House outlines President Biden’s Build Back Better plan (BBB) calling the initiative a “once-in-a-generation investment that responds to the historic challenges facing the country.”

The BBB framework represents a fundamental shift to reduce living costs and make things people depend on accessible and cost-effective; namely home ownership, public infrastructure, energy-efficient solutions, and affordable parking space in busy city centers.

Biden’s Build Back Better policy is part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that will be fuelled by a $1.2 trillion bipartisan fund. The government forecast that approximately 772,000 jobs will be created each year for the next decade.

The construction companies that get to chomp on a piece of that cash cow, will be firms that build a reliable workforce with the skills, commitment, and loyalty to survive the course.

More Opportunities for a Wider Demographic

The ambitious BBB bill supports the construction of critical infrastructure and targets roads, railroads, bridges, ports, transportation improvement projects, energy grid development, water supply distribution, and clean energy solutions.

In addition, there are plans to build and rehabilitate more than 500,000 homes for low-and middle-income homebuyers. The diversity of construction projects that fall into the funding pool presents more opportunities for a wider demographic.

Historically, workers in the construction industry have been dominated by white males. Employment opportunities for women and ethnic minorities in this sector have been short thrift. According to industry statistics in 2021, women only account for 11% of the workforce.

With the introduction of the BBB, independent groups including Oxford Economics and Moody’s Analytics predict the number of women and workers from ethnic minorities will increase.

Access to Skilled Workers

The challenge to remedy the skilled labor shortage requires encouraging more younger workers to learn trade skills and pursue a vocation in the construction industry. Contractor companies should consider recruitment strategies that appeal to younger generations.

With a higher education in US universities saddling students with debt, intelligent and talented individuals from low-to-middle incomes families may be deterred from risking a conventional university education.

The alternative will be to turn to trade schools and learn vocational skills that will serve them for a lifetime. In addition, younger generations facing future threats presented by climate change have the opportunity to support green initiatives and play an active role in building cities that are better for them and future generations.

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