Construction insiders say contractor companies in the US need to find half a million workers in 2022. On top of that, the government’s recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is expected to create between 300,000 and 600,000 more jobs per year over the next decade.

For an industry that struggles to find skilled workers, filling an overwhelming number of vacant positions is a tall order. What’s more, the labor shortage could be amplified if construction companies do not take this opportunity to attract younger workers.

As we explained in our article, Why The Build Back Better Act Is A Boon For Staffing Construction Contractors , the younger generations have more motivation to help create an affordable society that fosters a lifestyle they want.

President Biden’s Build Back Better plan aims to create an infrastructure that helps to make living costs affordable. That alone should give younger workers an incentive to get involved in the construction industry.

However, the solution is not so straightforward.

Foster More Skilled Workers

The general perception of the construction industry amongst younger generations is arguably outdated.

Not only is construction considered the most dangerous industry in terms of work-related deaths, but standard school education has also discouraged young people from pursuing vocational and trade disciplines.

The lack of focus on woodwork and metal work in the modern school curriculum has meant fewer young people have entered the construction industry in the last two decades.

Although trade skills are starting to creep back into school learning, construction companies could be more proactive by providing young workers with a trade education through apprenticeships and mentor programs that demonstrate a career path.

Career advancement is a priority for millennials and Gen Zers. Reports reveal that 76% of teenagers recognize that continued learning is central to career success.

Promote Life in the Construction Industry

The average age of apprentices in construction is 26-27 years old. If the industry is to fulfill its employment quota over the next ten years, we anticipate the average age ideally needs to be lowered to 21-22. The industry needs school leavers to become workers.

Contractors can do this by appealing to job seekers before they leave school. And the number one place to influence teenagers is social media. The goal should be to change outdated perceptions of the construction industry and promote how exciting life will be working with the next generation of technologies.

The proliferation of advanced technology emerging in the building sector not only fascinates young people but inspires them to get involved. And with technology including drones, 3D printing, and 5D building information modeling software, contractor companies require technologically minded workers to operate emerging tools.

There’s an argument to say that the tables are about to be turned. Whilst the construction company leaders bemoan the lack of skilled labor, younger generations can argue that decision-makers don’t understand their needs or share the vision of younger generations.

Younger workers want a mission, a vision, a purpose. They want to be trained, developed, and supported. And with an abundance of job vacancies available right now, workers have negotiating power.

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