Construction contractors need to maintain high levels of productivity to meet deadlines, build a reputation for reliability, and, ultimately, remain competitive. Everybody knows that any company is only as good as its staff.

Staffing is a growing concern for the construction industry. With an overwhelming focus on tech, the younger generation of workers is not interested in learning the specialist skills the construction industry needs.

US Chamber of Commerce report underscores the problems construction encounters when attempting to man their workforce. The report reveals that 92% of contractors report “some level of difficulty finding skilled workers”.

Moreover, the recruitment process is not only expensive but time-consuming. The quick-fix solution is to use the expertise of a staffing company that has a pool of top talent with the appropriate skills on tap.

Regardless of whether you need to bulk up your task force to meet a deadline or hire specialists on a short-term contract, a staffing company is an effective way to increase your workforce quickly and efficiently without sacrificing critical team members to engage in the recruitment process.

How can a staffing company save you time?

Hiring qualified and reliable staff is a time-consuming process. It’s estimated that the average recruitment process for the construction industry takes around 104 hours (12.7 days). It involves creating a hiring plan, advert, and job description, browsing through resumes, screening applicants, and interviewing candidates.

When you use members of your in-house team, you risk losing over 200 hours of productivity. Using the specialist services a staffing company offers enables you to keep internal employees focused on their main job duties.

Another factor that should be considered is the possibility of hiring a candidate who doesn’t meet expectations or decides to leave six months down the line.

Staffing agencies have a proven screening and interview process that identifies the most qualified clients. Our expertise increases the likelihood of finding the right prospect to meet the demands of the role.

Moreover, we dig deeper to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the company and more likely to commit to a long-term future. Construction workers like to know they have a steady, stable income.

Specialists Increase Productivity

New employees often need training. Productivity can drop during the initiation period – and until the individual reaches the standards you require.

Staffing companies maintain an active pool of talent that enables you to be more flexible with your workforce to ensure that productivity levels do not slip. Why risk falling behind your deadline?

First of all, staffing professionals can source talent quickly. More importantly, we can identify specialists that have the experience and the skills you need. This eliminates lost productivity that would ordinarily be spent on training.

You may also need to hire a specialist on a temporary contract to help ramp up productivity in the short term. With access to a pool of skilled labor, you can fill the position in days rather than weeks.

Try Before You Buy

Reports reveal that the US construction industry is facing a shortfall of around 2.2 million workers. The lack of bodies is slightly worrying. But the lack of skilled workers capable of performing high-quality results is the greater challenge that construction companies need to navigate.

A staffing company can provide solutions. Staffing professionals are able to source prospects that you can hire on a temporary contract for roles that are not specialized. This gives you some flexibility to trial workers without violating employment laws.

As the trial period is reaching an end, you will know whether you want to offer the individual a permanent deal. And if not, a staffing agency can find a replacement immediately without productivity dropping. More than half of the staff hired on a temporary contract go on to be offered a permanent contract.

Wrap Up 

Whether you want to cherry-pick the cream of the crop to add to your full-time staff or leverage talent on a temporary contract to augment your existing workforce, Cruitfly can match you with high-qualified candidates, specialists with the technical expertise you need, or workers that can carry out general labor and keep your productivity levels ticking over.

Taking advantage our expertise will help you to leverage the time of your existing staff, ramp up productivity and recruit skilled workers that enable you to finish your project on time.

Onboard critical staff quickly by contacting us today and requesting an employee.