The US job market is thriving at the moment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for May 2022 reveal that around 11.4 job openings have been posted.

Yet some employers are finding that few applicants are responding to their job posts. CNBC reports that recruiters have been pushed to “extreme lengths to hire”.

Subsequently, corporate powerhouses are ratcheting up salary rewards and benefits to attract top talent, smaller companies are struggling to recruit workers. According to reports, 52% of small business owners say they are struggling to attract applicants with the right competencies.

Whilst small businesses can’t match the high salaries and benefits of large corporations, there are other strategies you can adopt that appeal to today’s workers. And corporate entities typically fail to deliver what employees really want.

Small Businesses Make Workers Feel Valued

Since millennials entered the workforce, there has been a shift in culture. Younger generations are disillusioned with corporate entities. Frustrations spilled out with the Great Resignation during the pandemic.

The No. 1 reason people turn their back on the corporate world is because of a “toxic company culture”. Whilst low pay and a lack of opportunities contributed to the Great Resignation, increasing wages may not solve the real issues that make corporate environments so unappealing.

Employees leave the corporate world so they can have more work-life balance. In addition, employees feel valued and appreciated in the workplace – factors that are often missing in corporate environments.

Younger generations that grew up to see how large corporations drained their parents want a different work experience. The want a life outside of work and they want to feel respected in the workplace.

Moreover, Millennials and Gen Zers want to be creative. They are more inclined to work for small companies that need to innovate to compete. They are not interested in a mechanical corporate life.

Today’s workers are also choosy about the type of company they work for. They demand employers that adhere to social responsibility, promote an all-inclusive culture and offer work-life balance. Younger generations don’t want to live to work, they want work that compliments their lifestyle choices.

Enhance Your Job Listings

Understanding what workers demand from a company puts you in a stronger position to attract a higher rate of suitable applicants. Small businesses should be looking to enhance their job ads by appealing to the lifestyle choices of today’s workers.

It’s not only young workers that want more work-life balance. The reasons may be different across generations and between individuals, but jobs that blend with lifestyle choices are ubiquitous.

Before you compose a job posting, you need to have some idea in mind of the type of person that would fit the role. You need to determine what you can offer your most ideal candidate.

Your sex appeal shouldn’t start and end with your job ad. Vamp up your career page and create a positive image of what it’s like to work for your company. Focus on these key factors:

  • Company culture
  • Career path
  • Company values
  • Ethics
  • Innovation

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