Cruitfly – the Construction Staffing Specialist

If you’re a contractor looking for an employment agency specializing in temporary construction staffing, Cruitfly provides you with access to an extensive network of proficient and versatile workers all over the United States.

Having said that, you might also be wondering why you should choose to work with Cruitfly over other another construction staffing agency.

The simple reason for that is because our recruitment strategy stands apart from traditional methods of recruitment and expedites the process.

And if there’s one industry that understand the pitfalls and frustrations of traditional recruitment strategies, its construction companies.

It is because the construction industry struggles to fill job roles with qualified candidates that our seasoned staffing professionals established Cruitfly. We’re on a mission to help the construction industry build next-generation infrastructure across America.

Why Work With Cruitfly?

First and foremost, we connect construction workers of all levels with contractors and subcontractors. Whether you’re looking for a willing apprentice, a skilled worker, or a master carpenter, we are confident you will have the opportunity to hand-pick candidates that meet your needs.

Our pool of workers includes general construction laborers, industrial and mechanical insulation specialists, fireproofing, and scaffolding crews, together with experts in drill locators, fireproofing, fiber optic technicians, scaffolding crews, solar photovoltaic technicians, and more.

With a focus on helping contractors build a diverse workforce centered on quality, we have a proven track record of pairing qualified workers with job openings.

That’s because our innovative canvassing process is tailored specifically toward the construction industry and produces relevant information that enables us to more accurately match job candidates with job roles.

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Cruitfly is a construction staffing agency covering New Orleans that provides you with access to a varied pool of vetted construction workers on demand. Leverage your recruitment drive by contacting us today and filling out your job requirements.