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When it comes to finding vetted industrial insulation talent, Cruitfly is the trusted name to know.
Say hello to frictionless hiring.

Top Mechanical Insulation Pros. Zero Hassle.

Accelerated Recruitment

Cut your hiring time for a trusted mechanical insulation worker in half with Cruitfly.

Streamlined Hiring

Our clients routinely find and hire industrial insulation workers within 48 hours.

Quality Assurance

Take peace of mind knowing that our team at Cruitfly vets each insulation professional.

Find Insulation Workers for Hire
with the Skills You Require

Saving You from Lengthy Hiring Pipelines

Even for skillsets as specific as industrial insulation, our candidate pool is overflowing with talent.

Tailored Results with Every Search

Once you complete our Employee Request Form, we quickly pair you with tailored prospects.

More Confident Hires Happen Here

With our worker replacement guarantee, we’ll swap out low-performing insulation pros within 24 hours.

Find Qualified Workers

Find the Ideal Insulation Worker on Your Hiring Terms

Whether you require a specific skillset for a short-term project or are experiencing a surge in demand, our temporary staffing solutions provide streamlined access to vetted talent. In turn, you can achieve project completion without incurring excess overhead.

When positions go unfilled, your existing personnel may be subject to additional strain. By partnering with Cruitfly, you can fill key internal roles with confidence. Every step of the way, we stand by our talent by offering a 60-day replacement guarantee free of charge if your new hire isn’t the right fit.

Our clients frequently decide to hold onto personnel who started as temporary hires. If someone we placed goes above and beyond at your company, you can convert them to payroll through our conversion staffing. Our flexible Cruitfly cost structure means the more hours they worked, the less cost you incur.

Through our payroll services, we can either account for our crew members on your behalf or cover all of your internal payroll needs. Our services also extend to prevailing wage projects and certified payroll on Davis-Bacon jobs. All the while, our talent at Cruitfly is covered by our worker’s compensation plan.

Specialized Talent without Costly Skill Gaps

If finding a mechanical insulation professional feels like looking for a needle in the haystack, Cruitfly is here to help. Let’s take the hassle out of hiring, together.

What Clients are Saying


Hank G
“After a worksite injury, our only mechanical insulation worker was OOC. Cruitfly paired us with someone just in time to save the entire project!”

Sandra P.
“I had no idea how easy the hiring process could be until Cruitfly changed my perspective. I’m never going back to posting on forums or generic hiring sites again.”

Steve J.
“The entire process with Cruitfly was impressively fast. I had just recently filled out the form when BAM. I already had a handful of insulation workers to choose from.”

Jon S.
"After over a month of searching, I was beginning to lose hope on my search for a mechanical insulation worker. I could have never imagined finding someone within 48 hours through Cruitfly!"

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