Construction Staffing Specialist

It’s notoriously difficult for contractors and sub-contractors to find qualified laborers that meet the requirements for your job openings.

But that’s about to change for contractors all over the United States that work with Cruitfly!

Cruitfly is an employment agency specializing in temporary construction staffing. We provide access to a nationwide network of construction workers of all levels – from apprentice to master.

Our successful recruitment strategy is proven to expedite the recruitment process and avoid the pitfalls and frustration typically associated with construction staffing agencies.

Work With Cruitfly?

Cruitfly was established to help companies in the construction industry to fill job openings with workers that fit the profile.

Our extensive network of candidates includes general construction laborers, industrial and mechanical insulation specialists, fireproofing, and scaffolding crews, together with experts in drill locators, fireproofing, fiber optic technicians, scaffolding crews, solar photovoltaic technicians, and more.

But the seasoned staffing professionals at Cruitfly recognized that the traditional process for hiring qualified workers in the construction industry was fraught with flaws.

To provide contractors with an alternative solution, we designed a vetting process that is specifically tailored toward the construction industry. Not only are we able to expedite the recruitment process without compromising the quality of referrals, but we also identify workers that are proficient, versatile, and willing to work anywhere in the country.

No matter where your building project is located, the experienced staffing professionals at Cruitfly are confident in helping you to build a diverse workforce centered on quality.

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Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Cruitfly is a construction staffing agency that provides contractors with direct access to an extensive pool of vetted construction workers on demand.

Our canvassing and recruitment strategies are a proven success and have enabled us to source construction workers from all over the United States. If you’re fed up with facing the disappointment and struggles of traditional recruiting, try our new and improved formula by contacting us today and filling out your job requirements.