Cruitfly is an employment agency specializing in temporary construction. We connect construction workers of all levels with contractors and subcontractors offering general construction, industrial and mechanical insulation, fireproofing, and scaffolding crews.

Our goal is to support employers by providing you with access to an extensive pool of workers ranging from apprentice to master-level. Our canvassing process identifies proficiency and versatility so we can help you identify the workers you want on your job sites.

With a proven track record of identifying reliable staff for the construction industry, we have what it takes to help contractors build a diverse workforce centered on quality.

With years of professional expertise, our staffing professionals understand the importance of matching qualified candidates that can satisfy the requirements of the job. To that end, we offer full-time and temporary staffing solutions to construction companies all over the United States so that recruiters can find the right person for the job – regardless of which city your project is located.

Construction Staffing Agency for Temporary and Long-Term Projects

Cruitfly recognizes the importance of offering a flexible service. Whether you’re looking for temporary staff to fulfill seasonal or one-off projects, or you’re looking to add full-time staff to your existing field crew, we have a vetted pool of candidates to select from on-demand.

Our experienced professionals also recognize the importance of inclusion and align our staffing strategies with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations. We are also committed to honoring OSHA compliance.

Robust Construction Staffing Solutions

The construction industry has a long-standing issue when it comes to filling job roles. To overcome common frustration and delays, Cruitfly has developed a system that delivers robust solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are a construction staffing agency that believes a holistic, forward-leaning approach produces the best results. Our strategies fall outside the traditional job search and recruitment processes but are geared towards individualizing job openings.

Our innovative approach enables us to expedite the recruitment process without compromising referrals. With a pool of fully vetted workers endowed with a wide range of experience and credentials, contractors can handpick from OSHA10 general construction laborers and specialists including drill locators, insulation, fireproofing, fiber optic technicians, scaffolding crews, Solar Photovoltaic technicians, and more.

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Leveraging the expertise of the Cruitfly construction staffing agency gives you direct access to a wide network of workers and empowers you to fill job roles quickly. Get in touch today and find candidates that meet the requirements of your job description.

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