Temporary Staffing Agency for the Construction Industry

Cruitfly is an employment agency specializing in temporary construction staffing – and we have a proven solution that enables contractors and sub-contractors to find skilled workers quickly.

Construction companies typically struggle to find qualified candidates that meet your job requirements. Cruitfly intends to help recruiters overcome the pitfalls associated with matching the ideal candidate by providing you with a solution that enables you to build a workforce.

Cruitfly was established to help construction firms avoid the frustrating pitfalls most companies in the building sector encounter on a permanent basis. With an extensive network of temp workers at our disposal, we are confident of fulfilling your job requirements and expediting the recruitment process.

Cruitfly – Construction Industry Staffing Specialists

Cruitfly was established specifically as an enabler for construction companies in America. Our robust strategy is tailored to meet your precise needs and is proven to speed up the recruitment process – no matter where your building project is situated.

Having worked in the recruitment sector for multiple years, our executives recognized the growing need to develop an effective staffing solution that identifies the right worker for the right job.

By specializing in the construction sector, we are able to focus our energy on building an extensive pool of workers that cover every aspect of building work. To that end, we have an established pool of on-demand workers to choose from – and a recruitment strategy that delivers proficient and versatile laborers.

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Our focus is to help contractors build a diverse workforce centered on quality. With multiple years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have developed a strategy that is tailored to your job requirements.

Take advantage of our expertise by contacting us today and submitting your job requirements through our “find an employee” application form. Our seasoned professionals will be in touch shortly to go over the finer details and identify the most ideal candidates.