The construction industry has been struggling to find qualified workers for years, and with the Infrastructure Bill set to increase demand for skilled workers, the next decade could be critical for contractors across America. That’s where Cruitfly comes in – we’re an employment agency specializing in temporary industrial construction staffing, and our mission is to help companies in the construction industry find the right people for the job.

Tailored Staffing Strategies for Industrial Construction

At Cruitfly, we understand the challenges that contractors face when it comes to staffing industrial construction projects. That’s why we’ve developed a tailored staffing strategy that’s proven to work. Our approach is designed to avoid the typical pitfalls and frustrations of traditional recruitment methods by identifying the most suitable candidates that match your specific staffing requirements.

Nationwide Pool of Skilled Industrial Construction Workers

With a nationwide pool of skilled workers at all levels, including industrial and mechanical insulation specialists, fireproofing and scaffolding crews, drill locators, fiber optic technicians, solar photovoltaic technicians, and more, we have the expertise to provide you with the right industrial construction staffing solutions for your project.

Get in Touch with Our Staffing Professionals

At Cruitfly, we have the experience, the strategy, and the tools to expedite the recruitment process and provide contractors with vetted construction workers on demand. Contact us today and fill out your job requirements; we’ll get back to you with the most ideal candidates for your industrial construction staffing needs. Trust Cruitfly to make your next industrial construction project a success.