The world of work has changed dramatically over the last few years. It now seems that everywhere you look, you’re confronted with news about the vital role of employer branding – but why is this so important, and how can you turn this new necessity to your advantage?

1. Your brand is essential to successful recruitment

The brand you build is the way you project yourself to the world. It influences everything from the clients you attract to the people who want to work with you, and how long they want to stick around.

The traditional dimensions of brand identity include:

  • Personality
  • Tone of voice
  • Pricing and service

These elements all combine to help to define your overall brand. They work in tandem to create something unique and special that can be understood by your core audience.

If you’re still unsure how brands work, consider some of your own favorites. What sets them apart from the competition? What do they do differently? How do they communicate this difference – visually, creatively, in their copywriting and content?

Big brands tend to have very clearly defined identities so these work perfectly as case studies while you’re in the process of building your own.

2. Your brand values convey your culture

Your customers will rely on your brand to help to explain what you will do for them. The same applies to employees and new staff. Consider your values. How are they being communicated? Are they clear? Do they reflect what you really want them to? Sometimes brands need to be refined after a certain number of years, repositioning as the company evolves. If you find your outward messaging no longer represents what your company is truly ‘about’, it might be time for a refresh.

3. But beware the pitfalls of branding

Branding is complex. It’s easy to make mistakes that have a negative impact on the way people view your brand. Establishing brand guidelines can help you to communicate your brand across all members of the team, and this becomes more critical the larger the company grows.

A lack of clarity for both your team and your customer base will quickly impact upon your success. Consider ways of localizing content and explore the unique ecosystems your brand exists within wherever you are based.

4. Your value proposition matters for recruitment and retention

As we’ve explored, your brand defines everything about the way your company is seen by others, whether they’re people you plan to recruit or people already working for the business

Crucially, you need to build a compelling value proposition, both to entice the best talent and to attract the most loyal staff. Employing a branding exercise will help you to achieve this and appeal to the best possible pool of candidates, helping to make your workplace somewhere people are thrilled to stay.