Could recruiters for construction companies expect a sudden influx of candidates to knock on their doors? According to experts, you probably can.

With the nation gripped by inflation, the Great Resignation is expected to continue – and even spill into the middle-and-high income earning brackets as Americans with certain lifestyle standards search for jobs that pay a higher salary.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the average US worker got a 4.7% pay increase over the last 12 months. However, inflation has outpaced wage increases by 2.4% in the US.

With inflation continuing to devour paychecks, workers are subsequently asking for more money – or looking for job openings that enable them to demand a salary that covers their living costs.

Wage Supplements in US Construction Industry

Despite an increase in people looking for job opportunities, attracting skilled workers will continue to be problematic for the construction industry. Contractors have already played their joker cards to persuade qualified workers to fill job openings.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly pay for construction workers increased by 6% – the fastest rate of growth in 40 years.

Contractors that have reached payroll limits will need to find new recruitment strategies. In addition to offering standard incentive packages such as childcare, healthcare, and pensions today’s workers expect health and wellbeing programs, mentor and learning opportunities, and a career development path.

The skills shortage within the construction industry means that contractors can no longer rely on attracting top talent. Upskilling and reskilling initiatives give you the opportunity to fill job openings with unqualified candidates that are willing to learn on the job.

Hiring temp workers through staffing agencies that specialize in recruiting for the construction industry is a good way to target appropriate workers for upskilling and reskilling programs. If a temp worker doesn’t meet your expectations, they are easy to replace with another employee.

Change the Image of the Construction Industry

Attracting job seekers looking for work from outside the construction industry could bring transferable skills that benefit your company’s skillset, knowledge and potential for innovation. However, recruiters need to address the negative image the wider population has of the industry.

When the average person thinks of construction work, they immediately imagine low-paying jobs on dusty building sites that are dangerous and physically demanding.

Construction companies with a diversity and inclusion program together with policies that address environmental ethics appeal to today’s socially-conscious workers. Promote your ESG strategies on your website.

New starters also want reassurance about their safety. Update your About Us page to include a section on your health and safety standards and include the mention of any safety certificates you have been awarded.

Work With Cruitfly

The US construction industry is in dire need of workers to fill the labor shortage gap. Attracting fresh talent is not optional, it’s a necessity.

With inflation prompting US workers to search for new jobs, there is a prime opportunity for construction companies to reinforce the industry’s workforce and train a new generation of workers.

Cruitfly is a staffing agency with nearly a decade of experience in recruiting candidates in the construction industry. With a creative recruitment strategy and a nationwide reach, our staffing professionals are confident we can help you find the right candidates.