The skill shortage in the US construction industry is a growing concern for contractors. With the emphasis on energy-efficient buildings and President Biden’s “Build Back Better” program, the skills gap among mechanical insulation specialists is at a premium.

A large part of the dilemma has arisen because the younger generation of workers has typically chosen a career path away from the construction industry for more than a decade. Reports indicate the decline started in the recession following the 2008 banking crisis.

Analysis performed by the National Association of Home Builders reveals that the median age of the national construction workforce is 41. Over 40% are expected to retire by 2030.

With an influx of construction projects scheduled for the next decade to fulfil the government’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, it is reported that the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America estimate there could be a worker shortage for around 83% of construction companies.

Moreover, the demand for mechanical insulation experts is expected to grow by 5% by 2026 – a faster average than almost any other profession on the US job market. Construction companies that need insulation specialists on demand should contemplate hiring qualified workers on temporary contracts.

Hiring Temp Workers Is Easiest Solution

The success of a building project is measured by deadlines and quality standards. In the absence of experienced mechanical insulation engineers when you need them, construction firms are likely to fail both key metrics.

Scheduling requirements for mechanical insulation projects are tight. Yet the average time it takes to hire experienced workers is around 12 weeks. This can pose a problem if your schedule does not run according to plan for one reason or another.

Temp workers that you can hire on-demand resolve any scheduling hiccups you may encounter. Using a staffing agency that specializes in recruiting skilled workers for the construction industry also frees up more time for your existing staff to focus on other affairs.

Hiring temp workers also reduces the risk of hiring poor-quality employees. Our pool of candidates is thoroughly vetted to ensure the skills, knowledge and commitment you require are fulfilled. The advanced recruitment methods we use at Cruitfly also assess how well they will fit in with your company culture.

On average, bad hires cost contractors up to 30% of the employee’s annual wage. A mechanical insulation expert on a salary circa $35,000 will therefore set you back by at least $10,500. Hiring workers on a temporary contract eliminates potential losses. It also gives you the opportunity to trial candidates with a view to offering them a permanent contract.

Temp workers also help to boost team morale. When a workforce is short on bodies, it means there is more work for other members. Moreover, delays are endured because you don’t have team members with the relevant skillset. Not only are delays frustrating, they can damage your company’s reputation.

Find Temp Workers With Cruitfly

Cruitfly specializes in sourcing temporary workers for the construction industry. We have a broad range of experienced workers to call upon nationwide, including mechanical insulation specialists.

But Cruitfly is more than a staffing agency. We offer a robust service that is tailored towards building a reliable workforce so that you always have skilled workers available for either part-time projects or full-time contracts.

Sign up with Cruitfly today and find an employee with the mechanical insulation references you need to get your project finished on time and on cost.