Skilled professionals in the construction industry have the potential to earn an attractive salary that gives you the capacity to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. At the moment, there are countless opportunities in the fire-proofing industry.

Looking specifically at the fire protection industry, the market has been steadily increasing since 2015. With new regulations around fire safety and a $65 billion investment in US infrastructure, the opportunities for fire protection professionals look bright.

Fire Protection professionals can command salaries from $37,390, whilst specialists command earnings of between $80,000 and $102,940. The median salary in the fire protection sector is $65,640.

What’s more, the industry is calling for entry-level applicants that can be trained into highly skilled professionals. With the industry anticipating a wave of retirees leaving the field by 2026, contractors are actively planning to onboard new recruits.

Find Jobs That Provide Fire-Proof Training Courses

A generation of students has focused on pursuing careers that involved mental skills rather than learning a craft performed by hand. As a result, the US job market is facing critical shortages.

Yet three in every 10 jobs require technical skills that require specialist training to meet the standards the highly important industry needs. The fire protection industry has a high demand for workers but a very low supply.

Contractors are taking a proactive approach to recruit the next wave of generational talent that can serve the ongoing demand for fireproofing. To encourage young workers into the industry, firms are extending an open invitation for successful applicants to enroll in an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity to earn whilst you learn. With University students leaving higher education saddled with debts of over $30,000, the smart choice for many young job seekers today is to learn a craft and become a skilled professional whilst drawing a salary and avoiding student loans.

The benefit of an apprenticeship is that you gain valuable skills and should be able to expect a well-paid job with the company upon completion of the course. Companies that invest in apprenticeships are companies that intend to build a workforce they can rely on in the future.

Search for Fire-Proofing Apprenticeships with Cruitfly 

Cruitfly is a staffing agency that specializes in sourcing skilled and unskilled workers for the fireproofing industry. We have years of experience and a nationwide presence within the construction industry.

We actively search for excellent job opportunities within the fire-protection industry that also offer apprenticeships or on-the-job training. Candidates do not have to be qualified to land a job in fireproofing – anyone can join the industry including young age groups that have just left high school, women, ethnic monitories, and anyone interested in starting a new career.

If you’re ready to seize opportunities to begin a highly important career with excellent earnings potential, our experienced staffing professionals can help you to find the right opportunity for you. Take the plunge today and fill in an application. One of our friendly team members will be in touch with you shortly.