America’s ‘Great Resignation’ has left millions of US businesses needing to rehire staff to help recover pre-pandemic levels. There are currently more than 11 million job vacancies to be filled.

Businesses across the US need to evaluate their recruitment and onboarding strategy. But with a shortfall in personnel, hiring managers barely have time to organize and execute a strategic recruitment plan.

With projects stalling, a slow-down in sales and productivity, deadlines approaching and investor backtracking, US firms are failing to hit financial targets.

Not only are there more pressing needs to attend to, but surveys also show that hiring new employees costs somewhere in the region of $4000 a head.

Ouch! That’s going to hurt SMEs in this economic climate.

With so many plates to spin, placing your recruitment needs in the hands of staffing specialists like Cruitfly can help to see some operational burdens and give you more time to identify, find and hire top talent.

Fill The Void With A Stop-Gap

To move forward with confidence, your business needs employees that are committed to your business and are eager to develop. Staff retention should be a goal for forward-thinking businesses.

But finding the right individuals takes time that you probably haven’t got a lot of right now. To fill the void, plug the gap with temporary staff until you find a long-term solution.

A stop-gap option keeps the business ticking over, revenue streams to acceptable levels and frees up more time for specialists to do the special things you need specialists to do.

Cruitfly is a recruitment specialist. We know all about being special.

To save your time and effort, we take positive steps to hire people that can satisfactorily fill job vacancies with a robust filtering process, consistent interview strategy and in-person meetings.

But why do you need temporary staff?

Proactive Recruitment

Trying to fill vacant positions as a matter of urgency doesn’t usually turn out well. Making quick recruitment decisions under pressure often results in poor staffing choices and costly errors.

A well-planned recruitment strategy evaluates your long-term needs and gives you the time to explore a wider talent pool. The key to landing the right people is to probe a candidate’s CV to ensure their qualifications, experience and attitude measure up to your long-term requirements.

If you’re looking to hire more than one employee to fill long-term vacancies, the likelihood of you making a recruitment error increases. Take your time by buying yourself time and taking advantage of temporary staff.

Lower Your Risk, Increase Your Profits

Many hands make light work, as the saying goes. More productivity accumulates more profits. Can your business afford a body shortage?

If your business is a casualty of the Great Resignation and needs to fill a vacancy quickly without risking $4000 to recruit the wrong person, working with a staffing specialist provides an ideal solution.

Cruitfly can help to expedite the onboarding process and remove the burden associated with hiring. Take advantage of our expertise, extensive network of temporary staff and excellent recruitment strategy and buy yourself some time to find the right people.