Construction companies that struggle to find fill job roles with skilled staff need to rethink their recruitment strategy. And with a proposed $1.2 trillion being pumped into the infrastructure labor market, contractor companies have a vested interest to build a permanent workforce.

The cost of a recruitment drive in the US construction industry is estimated to cost companies between $3000 and $8000 per employee. Needless to say, companies can improve their bottom line by adopting long-term staffing strategies.

Whilst reasonable salaries, career advancement plans and other benefits that create attractive employment contracts  play a central role in onboarding skilled workers, moving forward, the long-term goal for construction firms should be to retain top talent.

With a shortage of skilled labor, firms with the most talented designers, builders, and craftsmen will win the bulk of infrastructure contracts over the next ten years.

With that in mind, company leaders should be looking to implement strategies that retain top talent. And that involves looking beyond the general terms and conditions of an employment contract.

Create a Company Culture

Company culture has been cited as a significant factor in employee retention programs. One survey showed that 77% of respondents consider a company’s culture before they even apply for a job.

To get straight to the point, employees want to work in an environment they enjoy spending time in. They want to feel as though they are part of a family that owns a shared purpose.

Employers that tend to the emotional need of their employees cultivate loyalty. Creating a company culture that makes your workforce feel as though they belong lays the foundation for a recruitment drive that will fulfill your long-term staffing goals.

Create Strong Communication Channels

Some of the fundamental requirements employees demand from a workplace are strong leaders that listen, autonomy, the right to have a voice, and support for all.

Establishing effective communication channels and encouraging personal interactions between management and team members are the essential cog that enables work environments to function efficiently.

Communication forges bonds that build into a company culture centered around fulfilling emotional needs. Strong communication also helps an extensive workforce stay on the same page and fosters a positive attitude from the ground up.

Empower Employees

Whilst a certain level of control is required to oversee a smooth-functioning construction project, teams work better when they are given the opportunity to voice their ideas and initiatives.

An open-door policy works well for most companies. After all, the people that are best placed to improve operations and fuel productivity are the people that experience life on the front line day in and day out.

Giving employees the opportunity to propose better ways of working or install initiatives that will create a preferred work environment, demonstrates you care about their opinions and value the work effort they put in. Proposals can be put to a vote in which the majority consensus rules.

Find Long-Term Staffing Solutions Today

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