Employment contracts play a key role in attracting top talent. Offering employees terms and conditions that represent value, in turn, increases the value workers offer your company.

An analysis published by the Associated General Contractors of America earlier this year reveals the average hourly rate for workers in the construction industry has increased by an average of 3.2% – which incidentally, is more than the private sector.

In today’s employment climate, skilled construction workers typically command an hourly rate of $30.73.

Construction companies rely on staffing their workforce with highly skilled specialists. However, high-skilled workers come at a cost that some construction companies might struggle to meet.

Retaining staff you can rely on should also be a priority. A Center for American Progress (CAP) report found that the cost of replacing skilled workers is 16 percent of the annual salary turnover for lower-paid workers and 20% for midrange positions.

Building out a workforce with well-trained, high-performing workers costs between $3000 and $8000 per employee. Whilst an effective staffing company can significantly reduce these burgeoning costs, contractor companies can get a head start by offering employment contracts that offer value.

Provide Family Benefits

Construction workers are typically family oriented individuals that work hard to provide for their loved ones. With this in mind, consider creating employee contracts that not only focus on flexible work hours and remuneration but establish an emotional relationship with workers.

Companies that provide financial incentives through subsidies such as healthcare programs, pension benefits, and life insurance options help to ease the financial strains young families experience.

In addition, a retirement plan reassures employees that they are being looked after for the long term. Buying into aspects of life in which your employees are emotionally invested, builds trust and loyalty.

On-the-Job Training

Career development is important for untrained job seekers and younger employees. A 2018 study performed by Qualtrics revealed that 80 percent of Millennials are most interested in a career path and on-the-job training – so much so in fact, that 67% of respondents said they would be willing to accept lower wages in place of mentorship opportunities.

With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law expected to create up to 600,000 new workers a year over the next decade, the construction industry is in desperate need of skilled workers – which, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, is in short supply.

Providing on-the-job training is a solution that can satisfy both employers and employees. Offering apprenticeships to younger workers demonstrates your willingness to invest in their future careers and strengthens your bargaining chips by showing them a career advancement path.

Company Culture

Solid company culture helps to keep employees engaged, motivated, and committed. Numerous studies have shown that when employees are happy at work, their levels of performance are higher.

On the flip side, one in four employees quit their jobs last year citing low pay, no development opportunities, and a lack of company that fosters team spirit. Workers want to feel as though they are part of a family.

A good company develops respect, and loyalty and increases productivity. What employees essentially want is a job they are invested in, have goals and values to focus on, and a work environment they enjoy spending their days in.

Why work with Cruitfly?

Cruitfuly specializes in providing workers to the commercial and industrial construction sector. Not only do we help to streamline the onboarding process, but we can also help construction firms to find the right candidates to fill available roles together with your long-term staffing goals.

With years of experience, our staffing professionals are well-versed in creating employment contracts that offer value and can offer construction companies contract advice as well as selling the benefits of employment contracts to the right candidates.