There has never been a better time to find jobs in fireproofing. The industry is growing rapidly and demand outweighs the number of experienced fire protection professionals.

The fire protection market was valued at $62.1 billion in 2021. It’s expected to accrue $84.6 billion by 2026.

Subsequently, multiple companies are searching for candidates that have relevant qualifications or transferable skills/knowledge to fill thousands of job openings. There are also opportunities for entry-level applicants that are prepared to attend on-the-job training courses.

The fireproofing job market has been growing exponentially in the United States since 2015. With the introduction of new fireproofing legislation and a $65 billion injection of capital into the construction industry, the number of fireproofing jobs that will become available on the market over the next decade is too huge to ignore.

Companies are calling for applicants with relevant qualifications to enter the fire-proofing job market. There are also plenty of opportunities for entry-level workers to find roles with a company that provides on-the-job training and enrolment on dedicated courses.

Why Fireproofing is Important?

Fire protection systems save lives. However, for maximum effectiveness, they have to be properly engineered, designed, and installed. They also need inspecting, testing, and maintaining (ITM) to ensure they are in full working condition.

The majority of destructive fires today are due to inadequate fire-proofing. The latest data published by the U.S. Fire Administration shows there are between 3400 and 3800 deaths a years due to fire. Many of these deaths would be preventable with the right fire-proofing applications.

Fireproofing materials play a critical role in protecting the infrastructure of buildings from excessive heat. They protect the structural integrity to prevent the building from collapsing and also slow down the spread of fire by between one and four hours to allow the inhabitant to evacuate the premises safely.

To ensure the appropriate fireproofing is installed in structures and materials, specialists must be able to perform relevant analysis and evaluate a variety of components including structural steel, pressure vessels, exchangers, pipes, and more.

With the introduction of new safety regulations, there is also a growing need for more advanced fire-protection solutions in consumer products. Using new and existing technologies to develop effective applications that advance the fire portion industry, could be an exciting time to draw on your skills and knowledge and move into a field that serves the wider community.

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