This may be an uncomfortable admission to make, but are you asking the right questions to job candidates?

It tends to be the case that experienced recruiters religiously stick to the same format they have used for years. When you are so close to a subject, it’s more difficult to recognize that times change and people want different things from their jobs.

Recruiters also have the habit of selling their company first. A better approach is to sell the job role and the opportunities you can offer potential employees.

With this in mind, address your approach to interviews and determine whether your recruitment team is asking the right questions to attract top talent and source candidates that are best suited for job openings?

To get you started, we’ve listed a handful of recommended questions below.

What are you looking for in this job?

This question enables you to identify candidates that are a good fit for the role and the company. It informs you whether you can provide the job needs of the candidate and whether they will be fulfilled in the role. This is important for retention.

What are your career aspirations?

An understanding of what candidates want from a career should also enable you to evaluate whether they have ambition, a clear direction of where they want their career to go, and how likely they are to stay committed to the company.

And if you don’t get these insights, there will probably be a couple of additional questions you can ask to coax the answers you are looking for.

How often do you socialize?

Teamwork is critical in construction. You want to be assured that new recruits will fit in and not behave like a shrinking violet once the banter starts flying.

People that are more socially active tend to be more self-secure and have stronger interpersonal skills. Don’t make this question about how often they go out drinking. Whilst their alcohol intake should be a consideration in your decision-making, you also want to know if they are part of any groups or sports teams.

Be careful not to ask “illegal” questions

Yes, it sometimes feels like the world has gone mad, but recruiters have to be very careful how they phrase questions these days. It’s against the law to discriminate and be deemed unworthy if you insult anybody.

For example, it’s illegal to ask candidates about their marital status, religious beliefs, or disability. Yet these factors can have an impact on their availability and whether they can perform the job role.

In these situations, it’s better to explain what the job role involves and the times they need to be available for work, then ask, can you do that?

How would you react if you saw a colleague working in an unsafe or irresponsible way?

Because safety is a major concern in the construction industry, the most ideal candidates are individuals that are safety aware and not afraid to flag up safety concerns on-site.

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