The construction industry is potentially facing a severe staff shortage. Unless contractors act now to attract the younger generation of workers, the talent shortage gap will worsen.

It is anticipated that 41% of the current construction industry workforce will retire by 2031.

And the construction industry already has a shortfall of talent to the tune of half a million.

Younger generations have grown up in a world dominated by technology and the lure of office work or remote working careers. As a result, millennials and Gen Zers have gradually steered away from physical work the construction industry is associated with.

Recruiters in the construction industry are now faced with the task of turning young heads towards a career in construction. So what do millennials and Get Zers look for in an employer.

Create a Career Path And Mentor Program

Millennials and Gen Zers are interested in career development and are more likely to choose a company that provides ongoing learning opportunities. Since economic uncertainty has influenced their lives, younger generations are risk-averse and want careers that offer job stability.

A survey performed by getAbstract shows that half the younger generations feel that continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge will help them climb the career ladder – and benefit their employers.

It is recommended for construction companies to create a mentor program which pairs skilled and experienced workers the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to younger workers. As we discussed in this article, mentor programs also bring job satisfaction to baby boomers.

Give Young Workers A Sense of Purpose

The attitude towards jobs and careers has changed. According to a study by Bentley University, 84% of millennials want to achieve something worthwhile from their career by making a positive impact on the world.

In order to make your company more appealing to young candidates, advertise the projects your company is involved with and describe the impact these projects bring to the local community.

The governments Infrastructure Bill provides construction companies with plenty of opportunities to pick up project that support social development – but to convince millennials and Get Zers, construction companies have to demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

A company culture that creates a positive workplace has a lot of value for Millennials and Gen Zers. Workers in the construction industry spend most of their time onsite, so they want to be in an environment they enjoy.

Workplaces that encourage social interaction, both on and off the job, build team rapport and help colleagues to forge friendships and bonds. Demonstrate this on your companies about us page and share social events across your social media networks.

Invest in Technology

Since Big Tech became the go-to career goal for millennials and Generation Z, there has a been a double-decade long focus on kids targeting college degrees in a string of computer sciences.

With the proliferation of technology beginning to find its way into the construction industry, contractors should leverage technologies to attract tech-curious workers with the relevant skills and qualifications.

Attract Younger Generations Into The Construction Industry

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