The construction industry has historically faced challenges sourcing skilled workers. A report published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reveals that 83% of building contractors say it’s “harder” or “significantly harder” to hire qualified workers.

However, contractors now have the opportunity to rebuild their workforce. In the aftermath of the pandemic, picking the most valuable gems out of the talent pool gives proactive firms the capacity to bounce back stronger.

There are no shortages of construction projects. President Biden has committed $1.2 trillion worth of investment to infrastructure projects over the next five years. Dubbed the “Build Back Better Act,” the project is expected to create an average of 1.5 million jobs a year over the next decade.

McKinsey is not as optimistic. They project the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Law will only create around 3.2 million new jobs over the next 10 years.

Even still, the influx of building projects leaves the construction industry with the daunting prospect of recruiting 300,000 to 600,000 skilled workers every year.

That’s a big ask for an industry that is already struggling to find workers with the appropriate skills in demolition, scaffolding, carpentry, and general labor, etc.

Fortunately, there are solutions – solutions that will enable construction companies to bounce back stronger by creating a workforce that can “build back better.”

Overcoming Construction Staffing Issues

The increasing demand for new construction projects opens up avenues for growth within the industry. However, business continuity will largely depend on acquiring a workforce that has the skills to complete projects on time and to a high degree of quality.

Construction companies started their rebuilding strategy shortly after restrictions were lifted on the pandemic. The average salary in the construction industry is 3.2% more in the current climate than last year – and 7.9% higher than pre-pandemic rates.

The abundance of job openings in the construction industry will mean building contractors face an even greater challenge to attract top talent.

However, with inflation going haywire and economists predicting a looming recession, offering top wages is not always possible for every employee. To attract the top talent, construction companies need to assemble attractive employment packages.

Offer Construction Workers Contracts That Have Personal Value

There are several ways to attract skilled workers and keep them happy. Whilst workers will be lured by top wages, modern workers only stay with companies that treat them like human beings and care for their well-being.

In short, today’s employers have to form an emotional bond with their workers to establish loyalty. To retain top talent, it is in the best interests of construction companies to create employment contracts that offer value to workers through various benefits.

We have covered how to create attractive contracts for construction workers  in a previous article, so won’t repeat ourselves here. For more details, click on the link.

Construction companies that satisfy the lifestyle choices and emotional needs of workers by finding innovative ways to compensate them fairly and foster personal wellbeing, will persuade the most skilled workers to commit to a long-term future.

Wrap Up

2022 is an opportunity for the construction industry to identify, rebuild, strengthen and innovate for the future. By making a commitment to strive toward long-term goals, you can position yourself in a strong position to assemble a workforce compiled of top talent and emerging prospects.

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If you’re committed to the Build Back Better Act, Cruitfly is committed to helping you bounce back stronger.